Painting our world greener

    • Climate

      Our products are, by nature, sustainable as they prolong the service life of structures and equipment, and so help reduce their overall environmental impact.


      Over the years, we have developed many highly durable coatings that further extend the lifetime of the surfaces they protect and reduce the need for maintenance and re-coating. But we believe that a prolonged life is not enough. We focus on developing coatings that help both our customers reduce their impact on the climate and make good business sense.


      We are also continually working to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations. At our production facilities, for example, we salvage and re-use all recyclable waste, including chemical waste. If waste is not recyclable, we dispose of it in a socially responsible manner that limits its impact on the climate.


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    • Reducing energy consumption

      Reducing energy consumption

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      The amount of energy the world consumes has a direct impact on greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide (CO2). We concentrate on developing advanced solutions that help our customers reduce the amount of energy they consume.


      We produce energy-conserving products, such as Contex Thermoguard, an exterior wall coating that reflects solar energy in the infrared spectrum. When painted on buildings in the Middle East, Contex Thermoguard has proven to reduce air conditioning costs by an average of 5 percent.


      And, in order to reduce energy consumption from our own operations, we monitor energy use at all our production units and take measures to reduce energy consumption whenever possible.


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    • Reducing VOC

      Reducing VOC

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      Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are frequently found in coatings and solvents, and during the evaporation process, these VOCs are released into the atmosphere. In large concentrations, some VOCs are harmful to human health and damaging to the environment. Reducing the amount of VOC in paints and coatings is an ongoing challenge.


      We are committed to developing low-solvent waterborne products that contain minimal VOC. Topaz Zero, for example, is a range of interior coatings that contain no hazardous chemical compounds, but still provide a magnificent long-lasting finish and beautiful texture. It helps improve the air quality in indoor spaces, resulting in healthier environments.


      In addition, each year we successfully reformulate a number of coatings to reduce VOC content even further.


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    • Reducing hazardous materials

      Reducing hazardous materials

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      Conventional paints and coatings often contain hazardous materials, such as lead, Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEs) and formaldehyde. We have made it a top priority to reduce harmful materials from our products as much as possible, and much of our research and development is committed to this end.


      All our Decorative products are now lead-free, for example, and in 2015 we successfully phased out lead from our entire product assortment. We also introduced a new lead-free tinting system for industrial and marine products and are committed to removing lead from all our products worldwide.


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    • Corporate Responsibility

      Corporate Responsibility

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      Our founder J.C. Hempel was a visionary business leader and humanitarian who believed that a company has a responsibility to its staff, the environment and society in general


      Our goal is to drive sustainable business practices around the globe. To achieve this, we do what we believe is best for our customers, our employees and the wider world, and extend that through our corporate responsibility standards and policies to all our offices, suppliers and distributors, wherever they are in the world. 


      This commitment is central to our identity. We are proudly owned by the Hempel Foundation, which supports cultural, humanitarian and scientific causes around the globe. A significant part of the Foundation’s work concentrates on educational projects for children in need. Through this work, the Foundation helps more than 55,000 underprivileged children around the world receive a better education, so they can build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.


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    • International Medical Center

      Medical Center

      Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

      One of the most advanced hospitals in Jeddah, the huge building of the hospital contains all medical departments and facilities in order to provide full medical services.
      Hempel provided the project with epoxy paint systems to protect steel and concrete, also for interior, Hempel’s Topaz system was used as a durable finish for general areas of the hospital, in addition to using of Hempel’s Mouldex for hyginic type areas to prevent growth of fungus and algae.
      Mouldex 58520
      Topaz Emulsion 589ME
    • Applied Science University

      Applied Science University 


      The Applied Science University of Bahrain (ASU) in the Kingdom of Bahrain was one of the first private universities in the country to teach in both the Arabic and the English language. Among the programs offered by the university are eleven undergraduate programs and seven postgraduate programs. The university has colleges of administrative sciences, law, and arts and sciences
      Topaz Emulsion 589ME
      Epoxy 45881
      Polyurethane 55210
    • Jaber Al Ahmad Hospital

      Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Sabah Hospital 


      We were appointed as a trusted supplier for this prestigious project.

      This is the largest medical centre in the state of Kuwait. A hospital that provides 1,168 beds together with state of the art medical services to a projected population of 600,000. The hospital will be keeping with the Kuwait Ministry of Health’s long-term strategy to provide the highest quality of health care to the people of Kuwait. 
      Contex EM 58600
      Strata Epoxy WB 48560
      Topaz Zero Emulsions 58701

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